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The sessions very super lovely

The instructions were very clear, easy to follow. The sessions very super lovely and although I felt extremely tired some days the class did make me feel lovely afterwards. After the classed I felt as though it had been massaged. I loved the stretching and twists during the sitting parts in particular. And I especially loved the relaxation and visualisation of the baby.

Pregnancy Yoga
Jos is a fantastic teacher.

In today’s busy world is often difficult to spend time really looking inward. Jos’s class is probably the only hour in the week I really get to myself – I feel like I owe it to my body to go! Jos is a fantastic teacher and Slow Flow is perfect for strengthening muscles and getting your fitness back as well as pushing yourself just that bit further if you are already a bit of a yogi. Jos also makes the atmosphere really relaxed and friendly, the classes always have great energy.

Yoga student
Jos is an excellent yoga teacher

Jos is an excellent yoga teacher, she thinks about where you are “at” both in terms of the physical and mental aspects of your practice. I like that each session is slightly different but similar enough for you to feel confident in the poses and process of the session. I’d recommend her definitely at whatever stage of your yoga journey you’re at.

Dr Sharon Cahill, Head of Psychological Sciences
Yoga student
Jos’ pregnancy yoga classes are amazing.

Jos’ pregnancy yoga classes are amazing. Great to socialise with other mums. I did both, Muswell Hill and Crouch End. I started the yoga classes early in my pregnancy which was great to learn breathing and relaxation techniques. Jos gives a very sweet personal touch to the classes with beautiful readings about birth. I loved the classes on Saturday morning as it was a perfect way to start the weekend!

Pregnancy Yoga
A very personal approach

I look forward to my weekly yoga sessions with Jos. They really help to take me away from my busy role as a teacher myself. Allowing someone else to direct, control and guide me through a practise is really refreshing and leaves me feeling invigorated and ready to take on anything after the class. 🙂

I especially like how Jos is sympathetic to each of her clients individually and often tailors the classes to suit us according to what we feel like on the day. A very personal approach which is comforting and encouraging all the same.
Jos is a lovely, warm person too and always brings a sense of calm and fluidity into the lessons, which also makes me feel great!

Yoga student
I thoroughly enjoyed attending Jos’s classes

Taking an hour each week to just concentrate on myself and my baby made me feel good (my 4th baby). I was quite nervous before the class began as I wasn’t sure what to expect and how it would benefit me (as I still work out regularly) but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed the beginning which primarily focuses on breathing and slowing everything down and loosening my pelvis which was very tight. I learned how to open up my ribs and take a deeper breaths – something I seemed to have forgotten as my pregnancy progressed and will utilise during labour. I thoroughly enjoyed attending Jos’s classes. She has a very calming nature and instantly relaxes me once her class begins. I always leave feeling calm yet invigorated.

Pregnancy Yoga
…a little oasis of calm in a busy week

I really enjoyed my antenatal yoga classes with Jos. It was a little oasis of calm in a busy week. Jos was very welcoming to a complete beginner and adjusted the exercises to accommodate my existing issues with my back and hip. I used several of the poses and breathing techniques during labour and found they really helped. The relaxation and chance to focus on the baby and birth were really valuable in the run up to the big day.

Pregnancy Yoga
Very patient, positive and approachable.

Jos is such a lovely teacher! As a beginner, I was a bit nervous but she made me feel comfortable straight away. Very patient, positive and approachable. Will definitely recommend and come again!

Yoga student
Jos’s classes are relaxed and friendly!

Jos’s classes are relaxed and friendly! I hadn’t tried vinyasa flow previously but found with Jos’s help it was easy to work my way through the positions! I always feel great after the session and now attend her classes regularly!

Ashley, Herbalist and Naturopath
Yoga student
I truly connected with my baby

It was the first time I truly connected with my baby. I met some lovely women and was happily surprised to find the class, whilst being relaxing, was quite challenging at times. I felt much stronger after giving birth than with my previous pregnancies. Thank you so much Jos!

Pregnancy Yoga
Jos’s yoga class is wonderful.

Jos’s yoga class is wonderful. It has a lovely flow at a slightly slower pace as she explains all the poses very clearly and the flow from one posture to the other. You feel you’ve had a great workout yet come out of the class feeling relaxed and calm which we all need in this fast paced life.

Vanessa Alves, Nutritional Therapist
Yoga Student
Jos is a lovely and enthusiastic teacher.

I recommend it to anyone that want embrace the beauty of yoga, dedicating an hour of your day to yourself, bringing more awareness to your mind, body and sensations. Jos is a lovely and enthusiastic teacher, I’ve been following her classes for over a year now and I’ve achieved great results transforming myself, body and mind! A big thank you, Jos!

Yoga student
.A very generous teacher

You’re a very generous teacher, you read the room so well, I always notice how you reassure people that it’s ok to go into child’s pose just at the point that I hear some of the people around me (me included!) starting to struggle, or lose their breath. You make it about your students rather than about you.

Kate (local mum and fitness enthusiast)
Yoga student
I instantly felt comfortable with both her style of yoga and teaching.

I had been thinking of having private yoga lessons for a while but just didn’t know who to ask or what would work out for me – until I met Jos. After a couple of local classes with her I knew that she was the one…! I instantly felt comfortable with both her style of yoga and teaching. She is hands on, which I like (and really needed – oh, my alignment!) patient, tremendously funny and kind. It’s like having a friend over for an hour. Jos helped me work with and through an injury in my shoulder and I always take her guidance and teachings with me to any public class that I do.

Private student
I loved attending pregnancy yoga classes with Jos.

I loved attending pregnancy yoga classes with Jos. She is so friendly and nurturing and the classes are a special chance to take time out, focus on your body and your growing baby and meet other local mums-to-be. This was especially true for me when I was pregnant with my second child, as it was harder to carve out “me time” but even more needed!

Pregnancy Yoga
Jos is encouraging in all the right ways

Jos’s class is great for helping me wind-down after a day negotiating with hostile preschoolers! I am surrounded by supportive women in the class and its such a nice non-competitive and friendly atmosphere. Jos herself is encouraging in all the right ways, giving us time and space to work through the postures and challenging us to push ourselves further. The relaxation at the end is always well-deserved and a nice little adjustment with doTerra essential oils is the cherry on the top.

With Jos it is not just exercise but an opportunity to be mindful and in the moment so you come away after an hour doing yoga feeling like you’ve had half a day at the spa!

Yoga student
The energy is very positive

I love your classes, because the energy is very positive, you have a fabulously sunny disposition which really feeds through into how you teach. I love your spirit. Your poses are strong. And the venue is also lovely.

Yoga student
The environment is really friendly and supportive

Practicing yoga with Jos is great. Flow classes are often made up of mix of ages and experience levels. The environment is really friendly and supportive to go at our paces and try different variations depending on our individual needs, strengths or just how we’re feeling on the day! I always leave feeling both totally relaxed and super energised.

Yoga student
Jos is an extremely attentive teacher, giving adjustments and lots of encouragement.

Jos is an extremely attentive teacher, giving adjustments and lots of encouragement. After going regularly to her classes, I’ve noticed a big change in my ability to stretch ligaments that have been restricted due to a personal injury. Her classes are small and have a wonderful atmosphere where I feel comfortable to go at the pace my body allows. I’m really enjoying practicing the art of slow flow sequences which leave me feeling uplifted and energized.

Wendy, Performance Storyteller
Yoga student
I would highly recommend her classes

I attended Jos’ pregnancy yoga classes weekly from around 25 weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the yoga, meeting other pregnant women and learning so much from Jos about pregnancy and how to prepare for labour. The class itself enabled me to stretch and strengthen my body safely and I would highly recommend her classes.

Claire Kenny
Pregnancy Yoga
You will not find a better teacher

I had been wanting to try yoga for a number of years and had trialled many classes but none of them were right for me (being either too fast or too slow). I was sure that both my husband and I would benefit from yoga but he was adamant that he did not want to attend a group class as a beginner. Then I found Jos and arranged for her to come over to our house once a week and give a private lesson. It has been a revelation. She goes at exactly the right pace each week and takes into account any aches/pains/actual injuries or real stress that we might have. Jos is endlessly patient and kind but she takes no nonsense from us – she has an uncanny knack for knowing when you just can’t be bothered and will not let you get away with it! The lessons are varied and we are slowly building up the knowledge and strength to practice more mindfully ourselves. To anyone who is thinking of trying yoga I would say, you will not find a better teacher (either privately or in a group lesson) than Jos. Give her a try – you have nothing to lose but your aches and pains!

Private student
I can totally recommend this class.

I really look forward to Jos’s yoga class as I feel so much better afterwards. My body and muscles are stretched, while my mind is definitely calmer. And while the flow may be described as slow, there’s no room for boredom, as you’re mindfully coordinating your breath with the movement. The classes are so friendly and Jos always takes the time to adapt poses to accommodate my back condition. I can totally recommend this class.

Michelle, Social Media Manager
Yoga student
I would highly recommend you try a class with Josipa, whether new to yoga or not, it’s great

“I look forward to Josipa’s class every week and feel it is really doing me good, both mentally as well as physically. I always come away feeling chilled, relaxed and glad I’ve attended, even if I have been tired beforehand and have had to drag myself there after work!

I have RSI and problems with my shoulder, due to years of sitting at a computer. I find Josipa is always keeping an eye on any difficulties. She is great at making suggestions or adding supports to enable you to get the most from your class, without risking any strain or injury. She doesn’t just sit at the front of the class and go through the motions.

It is a really friendly group, with a very relaxed atmosphere. Towards the end of the class, Josipa will sometimes use fragrant oils or a Tibetan music bowl, which heighten the relaxation part of the session. It can often be difficult to bring yourself back to reality! I would highly recommend you try a class with Josipa, whether new to yoga or not, it’s great.”

Yoga student
I loved going to Jos’s pregnancy yoga class

I loved going to Jos’s pregnancy yoga class, it was fantastic to have a regular time to relax, stretch away my aches and pains (as I got heavier!) and focus on my baby and preparing for childbirth. Jos was very motivational and made me feel more confident in my ability to cope. Also a great way to make new friends in like circumstances.

Pregnancy Yoga
Jos as a teacher personifies yoga – non-judgement and warmth.

I have been doing yoga on and off for the past 15 years, I have tried different forms of yoga with very varied teachers. Jos has been by far the best teacher I have experienced with her classes the most enjoyable and rewarding.

The classes are small by choice of Jos allowing for individual attention as well as a peaceful environment, but this does by no means makes the classes passive.
Jos as a teacher personifies yoga – non-judgement and warmth.

Yoga student
Jos is a sensitive and encouraging teacher, with a very individual approach.

Jos is a sensitive and encouraging teacher, with a very individual approach, which was great for me. She runs classes in various styles and my favourite were her vinyasa classes, which were fun and energetic. Jos is very hands on, improving our postures, checking alignment and giving us lots of tips how to improve our practice. As a person she is incredibly warm and down to earth and makes everyone in the class feel comfortable, which is so important. She’s a kind woman and a great yoga teacher!

Yoga student
She is a great teacher who practices all the principles of yoga, not just the physical

I love doing yoga with Jos. She is a great teacher who practices all the principles of yoga, not just the physical. I think my practice has deepened since attending her classes, as the classes are more mindful than what I was practising before. The atmosphere in the class is relaxing and peaceful.

Yoga student
Couldn’t recommend enough!

I so enjoyed doing yoga with Jos in my second pregnancy. I started classes at about week 16 having not done yoga for years and it made me feel much more prepared for labour than the gym did with my first child. Jos was super considerate to everyone’s needs in the class dependent on their stage of pregnancy, tailoring certain parts of the class to suit them or work round any aches and pains.
I had heard from some people that pregnancy yoga was just all about breathing, but I didn’t find this with Jos’s class at all. It was physically challenging but not so taxing as to overstretch you. Not only that but Jos also took the time to focus on the mental prep for birth, playing calming music and reading excerpts from books about the incredible achievement that childbirth is. Her affirmation of “every contraction is one step closer to meeting your baby”, and the playlist of music she shared, with its positive associations of calmness and relaxation, really helped me through my labour. That was certainly not something I expected to get from a yoga class, and was a very pleasant surprise. Couldn’t recommend enough!

A real treat!

I really enjoyed attending Jos’ classes during my pregnancy. It helped me stay positive, energised and relaxed. Her classes are intimate, well run and include nice touches to help you connect with your baby. A very nice weekly (sometimes twice weekly) moment of calm in an otherwise hectic schedule. A real treat!

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